Storage Units With Electricity: How to Find Storage With Power

Andreea Draguleasa
June 27, 2023
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When you need extra space for your belongings, a storage facility is a flexible, convenient storage solution. 

But what if you need extra space, and access to electricity? Then you need a storage unit with an electrical outlet.

Do Storage Units Have Outlets?

Facilities offer many storage unit sizes and types of amenities, ranging from compact 5×5 units to oversized 10×30 units, climate controlled units, drive-up access or even facilities with 24-hour access. What they usually do not offer is access to electricity. 

However, some facilities do offer this rare and elusive amenity. Storage units with electricity can be a great convenience for customers who need power for a variety of reasons.

Storage units with electricity are hard to come by. Try Googling “self storage with power outlets near me” and you most likely won’t find what you are looking for. Here are some answers to common questions regarding the search for storage facilities with power so you can reserve your next one with confidence.

Why You May Need a Storage Unit With Electricity

The majority of self-storage renters don’t need access to an electric outlet, but there are a few that might. Here are some legitimate reasons to need electricity in your self-storage space:

Business Storage

The number one reason renters might want a storage unit with electricity is for business storage. With the growth of online retail and the shift to a remote workforce, many small businesses have turned to storage facilities for their long-term storage needs.

This includes storing items for retail and eCommerce inventory, excess office furniture, real estate staging decor and even pharmaceuticals. While climate controlled storage units can typically meet the needs for business storage, storage units with electricity might be necessary to power refrigerators and freezers for wine storage and other perishable items.

Note: As tempting as a storage unit with power may be, keep in mind that you can’t use it as a full-time office space. 

Personal Storage

In some cases, storage facilities allow tenants to perform some limited activities in their unit that might require electricity, like working on cars, restoring furniture or even holding band practice. If you plan on using a storage space for this type of activity, having electrical outlets will allow you to plug in an amp, equipment and lighting.

While each unit might not have its own power outlet, some facilities offer access to outlets inside hallways for limited use. Rules around electrical access will vary widely by facility, so it is always best to call and ask if they can accommodate your specific need.

Looking for self storage with power outlets? Give our storage finder a try and locate a nearby storage unit with electricity in a few easy steps.

Why Storage Facilities May Not Offer Electricity

Most storage facilities don’t offer electricity and electrical outlets because there is generally little demand for them. Also, units with heating and air conditioning usually meet most electricity-related storage needs, such as reducing humidity and preventing freezing in the winter.

There are also a couple of other reasons why storage units with electricity aren’t common:

Lack of electricity discourages living in a storage unit. Electrical sockets inside a storage unit can be a convenience for someone who wants to plug in a refrigerator or a trickle charger for their car battery. But access to electricity can also make living in a unit tempting for people facing housing insecurity. However, local laws prohibit anyone from living in a storage unit, and storage facilities are obligated to evict anyone found living on the premises.

No electricity helps keep the storage prices down. “Providing electricity to individual storage units would require significant investment in electrical infrastructure, such as wiring, outlets, meters, and monitoring systems. This would increase the operational costs for storage facilities, potentially leading to higher rental fees for all customers,” said Donnie Rand, marketing coordinator for the American Association of Owner Operators (AAOO). This is why electrical outlets aren’t common and are only offered as a premium amenity for a few units. Also, the electricity isn’t free — somebody has to pay for it.

Electricity is often a safety concern. According to David Clark, a personal injury trial lawyer and partner at The Clark Law Office, “Electricity is considered a hazard in storage facilities since units often contain flammable materials. Without any electricity, the risk of developing fire is reduced, if not eliminated.”

Why a Storage Facility May Not Advertise Offering Electricity When They Actually Do

While some storage facilities offer electricity, they may not advertise it prominently. The key reason is to prevent misuse of the amenity for illicit purposes. By not openly advertising the availability of power outlets, facilities can control who has access and ensure usage aligns with their policies.

Additionally, vetting renters who request electricity allows the facility to assess potential liabilities. This approach enables facilities to maintain their commitment to safe, legal, and responsible operation while providing a valuable amenity to those with legitimate needs for a storage unit with power.

How To Find Storage Units With Electricity

Many facilities don’t explicitly advertise this amenity, which makes finding facilities with power a challenge. However, there are several indicators that suggest a facility might offer storage units with electricity:

  • Storage facilities offering climate controlled units indicate an existing electrical infrastructure.
  • Newer storage facilities are more likely to be equipped with modern amenities.
  • Indoor storage units typically have more advanced facilities.
  • Storage companies that advertise business storage solutions often cater to more specialized needs and business storage units with electricity are not that uncommon.

You can filter your storage search to find these types of facilities on Once you’ve shortlisted potential options, reaching out directly to the facilities is recommended to confirm whether they have available storage with electrical outlets.

Do Storage Units Have Lights?

While the provision of power outlets in a storage unit can vary, many units do offer lighting as a standard feature. This in-built amenity significantly improves your experience by making it easier to locate and manage your belongings, regardless of the time of day. Some unit lighting are on timed switches that shut off after 15 minutes.

If you’re on the hunt for a storage unit with power, remember that built-in lighting is a standard amenity that’s often mentioned in online listings. This makes it simpler to spot and choose a unit that suits your needs.


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