Turn Your Shed Into the Ultimate Summer Hideaway

Your storage shed doesn’t have to be an eyesore full of gardening tools you don’t use, holiday decorations, or whatever other odds and ends you forgot about. Instead of it being an eyesore, you can update your shed and turn it into a space you’ll enjoy using. 

Plus, if you’re selling your house, your tiny hideaway could be used as a marketing tool to attract buyers. If done well, your property could stand out among the other homes on the market and sell quicker than the rest. 

If that sounds appealing to you and you’d like this project, here are 5 tips for turning your shed into the ultimate summer hideaway.

1. Weatherproofing

The first step in turning your shed into a hideaway you’ll want to weatherproof the shed. This includes adding insulation on the walls and ceiling, sealing all cracks, putting weatherstripping around doors and windows, and checking the roof to ensure no leaks. 

You can go one step further and put up gutters (if it doesn’t already have them), treat the flooring with a waterproof sealant, and install ventilation to remove damp air. 

Note: After putting insulation inside your shed, you’ll want to cover it with either paneling, drywall, or wood slats.

2. New paint

After insulating the shed’s interior and sealing any cracks, you’ll want to give the structure a new paint job. Inside the shed, you can paint the walls and ceiling in whatever color scheme you choose, but we recommend painting the exterior with the same color scheme as your home. 

3. Install a skylight

New skylights can brighten up your shed’s interior and make it feel cheery. You can choose from many different styles of skylights, and the typical cost to have them installed is around $1,750. If you want to install a skylight that can be opened so that there’s fresh air circulating, we recommend having it installed professionally because they’ll make sure it’s sealed properly so there aren’t any leaks. 

4. Add heating and cooling

If you live in an area with mild weather, you can probably make do with just insulation. However, for areas with more extreme temperatures, you’ll want to install a small air conditioner and/or heater. By adding a way to heat and cool your shed, you’ll be able to enjoy your hideaway year-round. Just make sure that the wiring is done properly! If you don’t know how to rough in electrical wiring, this is another task you might want to outsource. 

5. Add personal touches and decor

Your shed is sealed, insulated, and painted… Now’s the fun part! You can decorate your shed however you see fit. This is your little hideaway; you can let your creativity run wild if you choose.

The appeal of turning a shed into a private hideaway is that it can be anything you want it to be. This is your space to do as you see fit. The only thing that matters is that it’s structurally sound, doesn’t leak, is safe, and makes you happy.