by Andy Peterson

Having a new bundle of joy is enough reason to want to move to a larger home. As overwhelming as moving already is, there comes the additional stress of doing so with a baby or toddler. Just how do you work around your littlest family member? Firstly, moving experts agree with your doctor, who would more than likely recommended you take care of yourself first. This includes counting on your spouse, friends and/or family to get help with the baby while you get things in order for the move.

This network of people, or even a trusted daycare or nanny, will make it possible for you to have a little time away from Baby and prepare. Take advantage of this time to compare local movers and find the most trustworthy company to work with. Also make a list of the inventory of items in each room of your home, which you’ll provide to your movers of choice to get an estimate. Or, plan a DIY move with a rental truck and self-storage unit.

Be mindful that moving house can leave your home in a chaotic state, so it will take extra care to ensure Baby is safe and away from situations or materials that could be harmful. This includes exposure to anything from bubble wrap or any type of filmy plastic, cleaning chemicals and detergents, or sharp objects that may be used in the packing process. In addition, it can get a bit noisy in the home while items are being packed and moved, so it may be a good idea to enlist a trusted babysitter or relative in your support system to whisk Baby away for quiet naps elsewhere.

When Baby is at home amidst all the hustle and bustle, try to distract the little guy or gal as much as possible. Experts advice that favorite toys, soft music and of course your comforting hugs will help keep baby relaxed while the move is going on.

By the time you get to your new place, there’s no rush to unpack everything right away. Take things one day at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Unpack and decorate in baby steps— no pun intended.

The article comes from Movers Corp, an online marketplace of local moving companies and moving laborers. In addition, Movers Corp provides moving tips and tricks on how to prepare and save on a move.

Image courtesy of Two Men And A Truck movers