When storing an RV, it’s important to protect against mice. By chewing through water lines and electrical cords, mice can start fires and cause thousands of dollars of damage. Here are some ways you can keep these vermin out of your RV during storage season:

• Make sure to thoroughly clean the interior of the RV, especially the refrigerator.
• Use caulk or silicone to plug any holes. Be sure to check the undercarriage.
• Put traps in your engine compartment.
• Remove all perishable items from cabinets.
• Line your drawers with dryer sheets. Some claim that Bounce brand dryer sheets work best.
• Moth balls are another effective deterrent; however, due to their pungent smell, many owners resist using them. One good strategy is to place moth balls outside the vehicle – around the tires and undercarriage – thus effectively keeping mice out without exposing your RV to the smell.

Although your storage facility may offer insurance, be sure to read through the policy closely to ensure the coverage is effective for your needs. It may make sense to keep your own personal insurance active, as accidents, weather damage, vandalism, and break-ins can occur at storage facilities.

Outdoor facilities often take no responsibility for damage done to RVs. This can be particularly problematic, as these vehicles are exposed to the elements, and there is generally a higher risk of vandalism at these facilities as well.


• Check all fluid levels under the hood, top off the gas and add a fuel stabilizer
• Pull the shades and close the blinds
• After cleaning and emptying the refrigerator, leave the door open to ventilate
• Be sure to turn off the refrigerator and all other power sources
• Clean the rooftop A/C filters
• Check tire pressure and cover the tires
• Remove the battery and be sure to store it somewhere indoors
• Spray lubricant on locks to prevent freezing

Photo courtesy of cute-n-tiny.com