Let’s face it, kids are creative, if not resourceful. When it comes to finding all the good hiding places in your home for birthday presents and holiday gifts, they’re probably a lot smarter than you are. If you don’t want to find yourself wondering if that surprised look on your child’s face during gift unwrapping is legitimate or faked (because now that the seed of doubt’s been planted, you’ll never know for sure), you might want to consider renting out a self-storage unit as a neutral hiding place you’re sure they’ll never stumble across. That way, their surprise will be as guaranteed as your satisfaction.

But what if you don’t need year-round storage space? Easy. Just don’t rent year round. There are storage units within driving distance of your home that you can elect to rent on a month to month basis. You might even be able to find storage at cut rate deals if you shop around for those offering “buy one month, get one free” specials.

Have a gift of high monetary (or sentimental) value that you want to guarantee against theft or damage? You can get self-storage in your city that not only offers insurance against damage, but also offers a broad range of security measures like security cameras, locked gates and well-lit exteriors.