Just in time for Father’s Day, our Search Marketing Director Craig became the proud father of a baby boy. Kai Austin Barrett was born at 11 a.m. last Monday, weighing in at 7 pounds, 12 ounces. We were surprised to receive company-wide emails from Craig at 4 a.m., shortly after his son’s arrival, but Craig says he’s gotten the hang of holding Kai in one arm and typing with the other.

Craig originally wanted to name his son “RoboCop” – a beautiful name for a boy – but unfortunately, wife Delan wasn’t having it. A determined Craig then suggested “RoboCop” would make a great middle name instead. Delan agreed with him on this point, but in the end they went with Kai Austin, a tough name to top. Kai is Delan’s maiden name as well.

After receiving the photo of Kai lounging comfortably in his SpareFoot headgear, coworker Barry speculated as to whether the sweat-absorbing accessory on Kai’s head was a headband or a wristband. It turns out it was in fact a headband, proving that Kai is not only an absurdly cute baby – he also has a big brain on him, and excellent team spirit to boot.

SpareFoot Co-Founder Mario has been waiting to be an uncle for quite some time now, so he was particularly fired up when he heard about Kai’s arrival. We’re all extremely excited for Craig, Delan and Uncle Mario, and we look forward to meeting baby Kai in person sometime soon!

Look for more Babies of SpareFoot profiles coming soon. And yes, “babies” includes dogs. 

  • Caroldbarrett

    Kai Austin is a true asset to the SpareFoot community, and a cutie to boot.

  • Stella Kai

    I see Kai Barrett has “growth” potential with SpareFoot.

  • Allen McElhaney

    I’m always a day a late but never a dollar short and you can verify that with Barry. However, I must comment that the picture of baby “Kai” with the SF branded into his forehead made me chuckle a wee bit. Congrats to Craig and Delan. We must not forget Uncle Mario. You guys are so cutting edge and a fun company. I’m glad we’re associated with such a fun loving bunch. – Allen McElhaney, Veritage Management, Inc.

    • http://thestoragefacilitator.com Rachel Greenfield

      Hi Allen! Thanks for reading and for leaving this sweet comment. We’re so glad we work with you, too!