by CORT Furniture

When it comes to keeping an organized workspace in college, many students have to learn the hard way that cleanliness is next to godliness. A disorganized space can be the cause of many distractions and ultimately hinder your concentration and productivity. Along with keeping your physical workspace organized, your schedule should be organized as well. This can be effective in terms of improving your productivity and grades alike. Here are a few organization tips that will give you piece of mind and improve your studying behaviors at the same time.

Invest in appropriate furniture.
You need a clear, large workspace when studying. Make sure you have enough space for your computer, reference materials, and all peripheral equipment. You need room to work and room for storage— if your bedroom is too cluttered, use an online storage finder to find affordable remote storage. Student furniture rental is an affordable way to provide yourself with a proper workspace. Buying your own furniture can be expensive, especially on a college budget, but renting is an affordable alternative— not to mention how it makes moving easier.

Organize your desk by frequency of use.
If you don’t use your scanner or printer every day, don’t keep it in your workspace. Limit what is allowed in your workspace so that only the things essential for studying are front and center. Organize your space into zones for workable space, office supplies, and reference materials.

Set daily study times.
Put time aside every day after class to review material for the next exam. After about a month, sticking to this set learning period outside of class will turn it into habit. This creates consistency and prevents the need for cramming. Organize your studying by setting timetables. Know when your next exam is, and break up the material along a timetable for studying, so you can cover everything at a comfortable pace.

Study with a group.
After you’ve studied the material yourself, it can be helpful to study in a group. Your peers may be able to clarify any concepts you don’t fully understand. Teaching others is also an excellent way to organize your own thoughts, so they can be better articulated in an exam. Reviewing the exam material with a group before the test is a great way to gauge your knowledge and brush up on any weak areas or gaps in your knowledge. Having more than one perspective on the exam material can be incredibly helpful to your success in a class.

By creating organization in your study space as well as in your study habits, you can noticeably improve your ability to succeed as a student. Equipping yourself with the proper study tools and budgeting your time correctly will relieve a lot of the stress that comes with student life, and free up more of your time for having fun.

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 Image courtesy of Things Organized Neatly.