Most self-storage facilities will require that you provide your own lock, which is a good thing because it gives you the option of securing your stuff with a beefed up padlock. This isn’t specific to self-storage in your city – very few facilities, with the exception of those that may require special locks, will ever provide you with a lock simply because it eliminates the possibility that some seedy individual has made a copy of the key. Below are the two best and most strongly recommended types of locks on the market. It’s recommended that before you buy, you check with various storage units to ensure their compatibility with either.

  • Disc Locks: Widely known as the most drill-proof and pick-proof locks on the market, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $60 on these. Depending on the monetary value of your belongings in storage, these locks can be well worth their cost.
  • One-Time-Use Padlocks: If you’re sure that the door to your self-storage unit is going to remain shut for a long time – say you’ve decided to store up all your possessions and tour the world, or you’re going abroad to study for a long time – consider getting a one-time-use padlock. These operate by screwing a bolt into place that shears off once it’s engaged, requiring the lock to be cut to be opened. These “disposable” locks also allow you to ensure nobody’s accessed your storage space while you’ve been away.