by Nancy LaFever

The most important people in your life probably know you’re moving. But friends you don’t see often and distant family may not have heard the news. Even in this age of social media, it’s still a nice gesture to use an old-school, personal touch to spread the news of your move. Why not send out snail-mail move announcements to tell people about your new digs?

When to send moving announcements
You should let people know you’re moving as soon as possible. If family and friends hear about it second-hand, they may feel slighted. If you’re having moving announcements printed with your new address, give the printer sufficient time – usually around 2-3 weeks – so you can get them mailed before you move. You won’t want to be worrying about that task mid-move.

What type of announcements?
The style of moving announcement you choose will depend on several factors:

  • Simple and inexpensive— If you just want people to know you’re moving and give them your contact info, a simple postcard will suffice. Postage is cheaper, but you still get the “we’re moving!” message across.
  • Personalized— Pick a moving announcement design that’s all “you,” and take the time to write a personal note inside.
  • Invitation combo— If you’re having an open house or housewarming party after you’re settled, consider sending invitations as the announcement.
  • Business— If you want to share your move news with business colleagues, send emails or pick a more formal style of paper announcement. This is particularly important if you work from home.

After the move
If you don’t get your move announcements mailed before you move, don’t sweat it. Sending them after the move is an opportunity to do it when you’re more relaxed and have the time. You might also enclose a few photos of the new home. Don’t worry if the place doesn’t look perfect yet; your friends and family will understand.

Another way to spread the news is to send out housewarming party invitations. You might use specific housewarming announcements or just include party particulars inside your move announcement. However you choose to tell the world, they’ll appreciate hearing about it!

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