Just about everyone has at least the equivalent of a room full of stuff they want to get rid of. Unfortunately, the process of digging through what’s worth keeping and what’s not ends up being a rushed affair when fatigue wins out and half the stuff ends up being brought to the curb for garbage pickup.

The trick is to do it over time. Don’t be rushed. Identify things in your home that you want to sell and bring it to self-storage. After a couple of months, you’ll start to have a nice collection of items that you can give away or sell. It’s a lot easier to look at your saleable treasures when they’re away from the other clutter of your home.

To find a close, convenient self-storage facility, use SpareFoot.com as your go-to guide. Just go to SpareFoot.com, type in your zip code, and you’ll immediately be brought to a list of convenient storage units to choose from. Having a storage facility convenient to you and easy to access will make the process of compiling your yard sale items much easier.