by Sarah Kolb, CORT Furniture

The leaves on the trees are slowly beginning to turn, fireplaces are finally finding themselves useful, and it’s almost cold enough to break out your impressive scarf collection. Autumn means apple pie, football, plaid, and relief from the summer heat. The cooler season is also the perfect time to successfully stage your home to sell before the new year. Here are three tips to make your home look perfect to any buyer this fall:

1. Curb appeal: It’s the greatest suburban irony that as soon as your front lawn regains life from the scorching summer, it gets covered in a thick layer of falling leaves. But keeping a clean lawn free of tree debris and snow is essential to a good first impression. Most of your flowers and plants are likely to bid you adieu for the winter, so get some festive pumpkins for your front stoop to liven things up.

2. Keep the décor classy: Between football season, Halloween and Thanksgiving, there are plenty of reasons to go crazy with outlandish decorations. But nothing can scare away potential buyers like kitschy handmade scarecrows or terrifyingly realistic gory Halloween decorations. Get a wreath, a classy cornucopia for the dining room table, and some cozy quilts for the bed and you’ll be set. You want your home décor to be simple and classic. It might even be a good idea to think about furniture rental to make sure your home is as up-to-date and inviting as possible. You can use a storage finder to find a place to keep your own furniture while you’re going through the transition between homes.

3. The Cinnamon Effect: Not only should you focus on the visual appeal of the inside and outside of your home, but also make sure it smells nice! We aren’t saying you have to bake a batch of sugar cookies before every showing, but investing in a tasteful, subtle scented autumn candle will go a long way in eliciting that cozy-happy-family-feeling people want to experience when they walk into their future home. Or prop up a cinnamon broom in one corner.

There you have it. With just a few simple and easy steps, your home can go from drab and chilly to warm and cozy. Stay tuned for more home staging tips and tricks!