There are about a million and one reasons to use climate controlled self-storage facilities. Okay, maybe not that many, but certainly enough that you should consider the benefits before simply deciding that it’s too much money, and running the risk of having your belongings damaged due to overexposure to cold or heat. Self storage facilities offer this as protection against the harsh winters and hot summers, but there is still one big question you should ask:

What Are Your Cooling and Heating Options?

If you’re going to be storing something perishable, like wine, and you need to have a temperature controlled environment that won’t freeze your bottles in winter and roast them in summer, ask specifically what kind of climate control the facility offers. The definition of “climate controlled environment” may differ greatly between storage units, as they do all over. In some facilities, all this means is that temperatures won’t get below freezing during winter, or over 90 degrees in summer. Depending on what you’re storing, that may not be enough temperature control. Overexposure to humidity and dry air can cause permanent damage to non-perishables as well.

If you’re looking for self-storage in your city but don’t have a clue where to start, you can narrow down your search to those locations that offer climate control, and ask directly about the specifics.