To date, no film franchise has gained the type of following Star Wars has amassed, and here at SpareFoot, we have detected a correlation between passion for Star Wars and the number of storage units rented. With Star Wars collectibles cluttering up his home, our own Customer Support Specialist, Albert (aka Han Storage), recently rented a unit to store all his memorabilia.

Albert used to add to his collection every week, but said he’s recently cut back a bit. Although it’s not worth a ton of money, he said his favorite item is an Episode One poster holder because “it’s been a challenge keeping it in tact over all these years.” When asked where he kept all these items before he rented storage, Albert said, “I kept them in my bedroom or living room in 18 gallon storage bins. Yes, I am THAT geeky!” And he is not alone in his quest for space to stash Star Wars collectibles.

According to Albert’s partner-in-crime, Melissa, a fellow SpareFoot Customer Support Specialist and Star Wars enthusiast, “Of all my friends in Austin who have Star Wars collections, at least four of them use storage units.” Melissa just got back from Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, where she partied with collectors from all over the world.

Across the pond, Dave Bailey keeps over £60,000 worth of Star Wars memorabilia inside his 600 square foot storage locker in Middlesex, U.K. Although his wife lets him keep a life-sized Yoda in the house, Bailey uses storage for the remainder of his collection. He visits the unit at least once a week.

This is not to say that all collectors utilize storage. Uber-collector Paula Rosenberg, who owns 20,000 Star Wars books and magazines, said she keeps all her Star Wars items in her basement. ”I have nothing in storage. Collecting to me is all about displaying and curating. If you have so much you have to put it in storage, you can’t enjoy it. I’m a firm believer in being able to show off and share your collection”

Paula, who contributes to the Star Wars fan site, owns tens of thousands of Star Wars items, including 35 of the 400 available printings of the original Star Wars gold-covered novelization. Of all her items, her favorite is a map of Skywalker Ranch, which she obtained onsite.

After all this Star Wars talk, I am going to have to re-watch the films. If I catch the collecting bug, I might just have to get myself a storage unit.