[ by Jason Clark, Moving.com ] 

Moving is about so much more than just changing your address. It also means leaving the house or apartment you’ve spent years molding into a home, and starting new with a blank slate somewhere else. Settling in takes time, but you can expedite that “feels like home” feeling with these simple tips.

Hang artwork and family photos.  After the seemingly never-ending task of moving, it’s easy slow down before completing the task of hanging up all your wall decor. Barren walls are ice cold, so take the time to display your favorites for instant warmth. To avoid having to hang everything individually, try installing a shallow shelf where you can lean a variety of artwork alongside knick-knacks. It’s something different, and you can easily rearrange things in creative new configurations for a quick refresh later.

Get comfortable in the kitchen.  Eating out and ordering in may be fun at first, but it gets old (and expensive) quick. Unpack kitchen essentials early, and start preparing your usual foods and meals as soon as possible. Not only will your favorite comfort cuisine remind you of home and old routines, but using the kitchen as you’re unpacking it will help you figure out the best places to put everything.

Embrace aromatherapy.  The sense of smell has a powerful connection to emotions, and filling your new house with favorite scents can help bring comforting memories into the new environment. Light candles in cozy fragrances like cinnamon and vanilla, arrange potpourri dishes and diffusers, and wipe down surfaces with fragrant natural cleaning supplies.

Indulge in fresh flowers.  Fresh plants have the power to bring instant life, color, and scent to any room, so try placing bright groupings in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms for a homey lift. And no worries if you’re on a budget, as they don’t need to be expensive arrangements— even a small bouquet of wildflowers and greenery from the backyard can make a big difference. Why not start a little garden back there, to boot?

It’s all in the details.  A cozy throw blanket, a coffee mug, a sun-catcher hanging over the kitchen sink— sometimes the key to making a house feel like a home lies in unpacking all your favorite belongings and putting them in familiar places. When you prioritize unpacking, everyday essentials obviously come first. But follow with your coziest favorite items, then onto the rest. Keep nonessentials in self-storage, and know you can always move things around later.

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