Reservations are nice, but move-ins are SO much better. So we’re running a contest to learn from our facilities— how do you make sure that new customers who reserve your units actually move in and start paying you rent?

Help out by giving us your best idea for converting reservations into tenants. The best idea will win a $75 credit in “SpareBucks” that will be added to your account and be applied against your next bill. Woo hoo! Simply type up your idea in a comment below, and be sure to include your facility name and city.

  • Ryan W.

    Storage Pros Wixom Michigan….. Turning reservations into rentals is as easy as following up with the customer within 30 min of receiving the reservation. Once we are connected to the customer it is a piece of cake to sell the features and benefits of the property. Once I have the customer on the phone my goal is to earn their business! Once I am confident that I have earned their business I assume the sale!

  • tina sweeten


  • Proguard Storage

    Proguard Storage on Braeswood in Houston, TX….I have found that the phone call is key. Unfortunately it seems 9 out of 10 no one answers their phone. So I leave message introducting myself and asking for return call. Next step whether I leave a message on voice mail or actually speak with them is send them an email. Kind of a follow upper. I have also learned the importance of checking spam folder regularly. That I would say is a tie with first place in converting reservations. If you don’t know you got them then it is easy to lose them!

  • Great Sapce Storage

    We charge a $25 reservation fee, whcih is deducted from the tenant’s first month’s rent when they move in. Great Space Storage Bonita Springs, FL

  • Jamie Morgan

    Storage Pros Saline Michigan Ryan is right within 30 min of receiving the reservation. Once we are connected to the customer it is a piece of cake to sell the features and benefits of the property. The more confident we come across about the wonderful benefits of our property the more you will lock in the customer business. I say staying very confident in what you have to offer at your property as well as finding that one thing you can “bond” with the customer about and go from there. Once you have that bond with the customer it makes it tuff for them to forget us. IN return they come into a place they feel comfortable coming into, to store their personal treasures. Jamie

  • Judy G.

    The first thing I do when I come into work after doing my opening is check my emails. I immediately respond by phone and email as well. When they do answer the phone that is when I thank them for their inquiry or reservation. Foremost I listen to their needs and I take control of the conversation. Just yesterday I had someone come in after I spoke to them. Originally they were looking for a 10×20 and I ended up renting them two 10×25’s. I’m honest and speak to them as though it was a family member renting from me. They are so appreciative for my suggestions and the care that they are given.

  • Judy G.

    I also forgot to mention, that I do follow up calls and I am very persistent. If for some reason I don’t get a hold of them, I will keep calling them till I do. Some people forget and are appreciative of a reminder.

  • Julie L.

    Pembrook Storage in Columbus, GA … Making the prospective tenant feel welcome, appreciated and (most importantly) “needed” is proving to be a HUGE plus at this facility. Yes, the near-immediate call back is imperative! Add to the call by putting a smile in your voice, ask the right questions (allow ample time for the answers), LISTEN and show empathy – these simple actions let your future tenant know you are attentive to their needs, and have compassion. Moving is stressful enough on its own, without the added expense of temporary (or long term) storage, truck rental, boxes, etc… To quote a very astute fellow Manager (Crystal Valley Storage); “…Human nature dictates that we pick up on the feelings of others. The most important part of any interaction is that you put your personal baggage aside, and give the other person the feeling that you DO care. Always try to sell the customer what they need, not what they want. In the end, they will happily hand over their hard earned money, and feel good about it.”

  • S

    OK, real simple. Incentive is what people need, plain and simple. For $75. bucks I will enlighten you. Try this, say if you were to reserve a spot and say pay in advance for six months, you could receive another month free if you stay for six months. The key is retention long term. I’m sure statistics prove that if someone stay’s at a storage facility for 6mon. there’s a high% probability that they will stay another 6mo.. Here again lays an opportunity ( how will they choose to pay for the next 6mo,and looking forward, what? incentives will be presented). YOU have to be creative financially, you seem to have most of your bases covered. Deduct from your advertising budget. Make a cut here and cut some of the fat there and you may be able to implement some of these idea’s into your future (R&D). can will create a buzz, people will refer other potentials, word of mouth, social limited time offer’s, run it, give it time and watch the numbers. With customers paying in advance mainly due to the already well established methods you have in place, well lets just say there is a lot you can do from that position…