It’s Halloween time, so we’re going on a virtual ghost tour of self-storage facilities. Not surprisingly, warehouse rooms full of memories and heirlooms aren’t immune to the supernatural. Here are some of the best real-life scary storage stories we’ve heard.

Mysterious White Mist
A cursory Google search for “haunted self-storage facilities” led me to a particularly eerie post from a man named Jim Bob on Yahoo! Answers. After renting a storage locker for his pool cleaning supplies, Jim Bob began to notice some strange activity. Every time he went to his unit, he found his supplies strewn about the floor. Although he didn’t say anything to the facility manager at first, Jim Bob finally complained after he returned from a vacation and found his unit completely ransacked.

The manager said he had heard loud noises coming from Jim Bob’s locker, but was unable to access it because Jim Bob had the only key. Jim Bob watched the security footage and saw the doors to his unit shaking violently.  “So I put a camera in. The results were shocking,” wrote Jim Bob. “You can see a white mist moving all around the unit and moving things around.” Jim Bob apparently moved all of his pool supplies into a different unit, but the white mist continued to attack.

I didn’t think tenants were allowed to store pool cleaning supplies, as many of these items contain flammable and hazardous chemicals. Nevertheless, this is a spooky story. Was the manager playing a prank on Jim Bob? Could storing these chemicals in a small and relatively unventilated space cause a chemical reaction of some sort? Was it a supernatural activity? Or just Yahoo! Answers urban legend? Your call.

Sketchy Third Floor
SelfStorageTalk forum user ShaeKirk used to work at a San Francisco storage facility where she was convinced the third floor was haunted. After an alarm went off, Shannon left her office to check for activity, but the hallway was vacant. She checked the surveillance camera footage, and what she saw was even more unsettling. At the exact same moment the security alarm bleated, a bright light flashed in front of the camera, and then everything faded to black. The bright light flashed once again, and then the camera’s view returned to normal, revealing Shannon walking out of the elevator.

Spirited Elevator 
While managing a five-story storage facility across the street from an old cemetery, SST user StoredMyself and his wife were accustomed to hearing the occasional odd tick or whir from the top two climate-controlled floors. However, they never had any issues with the elevator, until one night. While doing an end-of-the-month close at around 2 am, the couple noticed the elevator acting erratically. The doors were opening and closing on their own on the third, fourth and fifth floors, continuing for three cycles. After watching all of their surveillance footage, the managers couldn’t find any explainable activity anywhere whatsoever. Perhaps a spirit across the street left some of their things in storage?

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