Here at SpareFoot, our employees are self-storage superheroes by day and super superheroes by night. Meet Tony: Father, rock-climber, and one-time reality show villain. Tony is a marketing manager at the office, but any number of things outside it— including Olympic hopeful and newfound board game fanatic.

Tony estimated he spends half of his life in the office working on the SEO side of self-storage marketing. Work even follows him home, as his current roommate is coworker and former Meet The SpareFeet star Brett from account management. So what does Tony do with the other half of his life? He and Brett are both into weightlifting, specifically the snatch and clean & jerk (think burly Bulgarians).

“We go to the gym every day for about an hour ,” he said. “People look at us funny, and at this rate we have no real chance of ever going the Olympics. But we have four years to get to Rio, and if we can do that, we’ll have a shot for the gold in 2020.”

Weightlifting is just one of many interests that Tony has. He also likes to ride his fixed-gear bicycle (Tony philosophically pontificates whether or not this makes him a hipster), and dreams of being a competitive rock climber: “If we did this interview a year ago, I would have said I want to be a serious competitive rock climber. But I keep hurting my hand.”

Despite sustaining multiple hand injuries, Tony still finds the inner strength to embarrass the competition at foosball here in the SpareFoot office.

“I think of myself as the best at foosball in this office, at least technique-wise,” he clarified. “At the highest levels, foosball is just a matter of one of two shots and one of three passes. Mine: A brush-pass and a snake-shot. But I still get beat every once in a while, because it is the nature of the game of Foos.” A foo’s game, one might say (pun absolutely intended).

But Tony’s not just adept at physical sports. He’s recently found his niche as a board game savant and enthusiast. He first named Settlers of Catan for piquing his interest, and then gave me a litany of other titles – Last Night on Earth, Ticket to Ride, and Bezzerwizzer – that he enjoys playing.

“Board games are awesome because it’s a lot more intimate— a much more personable form of entertainment than sitting in front of a TV screen.”

But did you also know that Tony is kind of the Omarosa of home-improvement shows? He was recently featured on Property Brothers, a Canadian home renovation reality show.

“It was a great experience. The worst part is how they twisted some of the shots and portrayed me as the bad guy,” he said. “I am the antagonist of the episode.” …It’s kind of funny to imagine Tony on TV accompanied by ominous music, especially as he explained to me the intricacies of coffee making (another new interest).

Somehow, Tony finds time to both rock search marketing at SpareFoot and lead a pretty interesting life. His goal at SpareFoot is “to improve the communication of the transaction for both storage consumers and facilities alike,” and he’s already doing a wonderful job. In the meantime, however, the SpareFoot office holds him fully responsible for bringing back a Nike endorsement, Allyson Felix, and Olympic gold in Rio 2016.