Over the past few months, SpareFoot has tried to become more than just a self-storage finder. When news of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy reached us, we wanted to do everything we could to help the victims. When we rolled out our offer of a free month of self-storage for hurricane victims, we asked our customers to share their Sandy stories. The response we have received from victims so far have been equally touching and inspiring, and shows just how widespread the devastation caused by the hurricane has been.

Jaimi E. has been staying with friends since the storm, having lost almost all possessions. Magda R., a volunteer for the Red Cross, told us that her house was “completely flooded from front door to back door.” Andrew V.’s house was inundated in the coast of Long Island, an area hit with approximately 9 ft of water above sea level.

“The house my fiancée and I rented received approximately 3 ft of water inside, ruining most of our possessions,” he explained.

The hurricane left Sheryl N.’s ranch with overwhelming damage; rooms affected include the living room, dining room, kitchen, den, master bedroom suite, half bath, laundry room, home office and mudroom. The family also lost 2 cars, the patio and a vinyl fence.

“We need to pack up everything so we can repair the house,” she said. “There are 2 bedrooms upstairs filled with as much as we can, but I worry that will mold and warp too.”

Fortunately, some of our customers were able to save a few possessions: “Three feet of water entered my one story home in Point Pleasant Beach and destroyed almost all of our belongings,” said Kathy G. “Luckily our mattresses, a rocking chair and some small kitchen appliances and dishes were saved. During our renovation process, we will need storage for the salvageable items. Thank you so much for your support during these trying times.”

Tara R.’s house, although raised, still fell victim to 3 ½ feet of water inside. “We managed to salvage some of our belongings that were on high shelves the next day. Knowing I will have a storage unit for my pictures to be safe is great! Thank you!”

Some of stories we received from our customers were absolutely heartbreaking. Leonard B. told us that the hurricane left his family with large amounts of medical bills for his wife’s diabetic problem.

“She had to stay at the hospital for 4 days as an inpatient because of a very serious infection,” he said. “I had to take care of our son Adam, a special needs child, in a powerless hotel for 6 days.”

These are only a few examples of the lives affected by the hurricane. If you need help following the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited to announce that our offer of has been extended to December 7, in order to accommodate ongoing relief efforts for Sandy. Visit our information page for instructions on how to take advantage of the offer.

Image Courtesy of timeout.com