Contrary to what Storage Wars would have you believe, most of the units at self-storage auctions contain tame items like mattresses and old CDs. Rarely do people find units stuffed with doubloons or original comic books in mint condition. Every once in a while, however, a lucky auction attendee will come across a unit deserving headlines. Here are some of the biggest storage auction finds of 2012.

Guy Fieri’s stolen Lamborghini

Fieri’s Lamborghini was originally stolen in 2011 and valued at over $250,000. Police found the car a year later in a Point Richmond storage unit only after investigating it in relation to a shooting that occurred earlier that month. The thief, 17-year-old Max Wade, is also being prosecuted for the attempted murder of two people, in addition to a host of other charges including shooting at an occupied vehicle, burglary of the British Motor Car Distributors Dealership, and theft and possession of a stolen vehicle. The unit was not yet under auction, but can you imagine if it had been? Swerve.

Ex-wrestler Maven Huffman’s WWE trophy

When Maven Huffman won the WWE reality show “Tough Enough” in 2001, he received not only a contract with Vince McMahon, but also a pretty heinous gold trophy. Huffman’s career later disintegrated when he was arrested for going to multiple doctors at once for Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. Last month, Huffman’s storage unit went up for auction and sold for $100. The winner contacted Huffman, who did not respond, and ultimately sold the trophy for $600 to a very enthusiastic fan on Ebay.

Two children adopted at storage facility

The world may be professed to end tomorrow, but don’t give up on humanity just yet. StorageTreasures reported a truly heartwarming story of benevolence and compassion that occurred at a Georgia self-storage auction. A seasoned veteran of storage auctions had just bought four units that day when he noticed a woman and two young children hanging around the lot. When he returned to pack up the contents, he saw them going into one of the units. After discussing with his wife, the man knocked on the door of the storage unit. The mother declined his offer to help, and instead asked him to take her children, as she could no longer give them adequate care. The couple took the children in and engaged in a year-long process of adoption. They are now permanently part of the family, all thanks to the generosity of one storage auction couple with big hearts.

Lindsay Lohan’s storage unit

The actress currently owes $16,000 in rental fees, in addition to countless unpaid back taxes. The IRS has frozen her bank accounts as a result, which means that Lilo doesn’t have the funds to buy back her storage unit. TMZ reported that stored items include designer clothes, family heirlooms and possibly embarrassing items (here’s to hoping that it’s stacks of I Know Who Killed Me DVDs). Whatever the case may be, there’s no doubt that the highest bidder will be lucky indeed–I wouldn’t mind a few Alexander McQueen boots for the holiday season.

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