Fall has finally settled in across the country, with many people already contending with snow and ice. If you’ve found yourself bundled up and huddled in your warm house only to realize that your living space is too cluttered, don’t fret. Self storage facilities provide a great opportunity for decluttering your home for the winter. Once the temperatures drop, store your summer belongings for the winter and save space in your garage and closets.

Tips For Decluttering Your Home For Winter

Store yard equipment – if you’re not mowing or gardening, there’s no need to take up the space in your garage with extra tools. Drain all liquids from your mowers and other tools to avoid corrosion. You can also keep your lawn furniture in better shape from year to year by storing it out of the elements.

Protect your boat, bikes and recreational vehicles – in addition to giving you more space in your garage and driveway for holiday guests, keeping your summer toys in storage can offer extra protection from theft and damage. Many self-storage businesses offer 24-hour security for your items.

Pack away your swimsuits and shorts – instead of putting your summer clothes in boxes under your beds or in your closets, take advantage of storage services that offer units in a variety of sizes.

Make room for holiday guests – do you have a lot of visitors during the winter months? Utilize self-storage facilities to make room in your guest bedrooms.