Austin’s mantra is “Keep Austin Weird,” so it’s only fitting that SpareFoot would follow suit–after all, our pin-up storage calendar is a definite first for the industry. Thus it should come as no surprise to anyone that we love weirdness in all aspects of our life, most of all in storage. After a customer moves into their storage unit, we like to send a follow-up survey with questions pertaining to their overall experience. This time around, we asked our customers, “Did anything funny, interesting or odd happen when you moved into your unit?” Here are some of the best responses we got:

“We have not had more than a few drops of rain this year, until the one day I had to move and it poured buckets! Both professional movers fell (and fell hard) on the truck ramp! I wound up wiping down the metal ramp every so often to keep them safe. That was a first for me.”

“There was another customer at the facility waiting for the police, because he said the facility overcharged him and he was keeping the moving truck in his storage unit. I thought it was hilarious, you had to have been there to see it.”

“I lost my wallet, and I’m pretty sure it’s packed in my things that are in storage. YIKES!”

“Found it entertaining that three carts and three people can fit in the elevator.”

Alarmingly, more than one of our customers encountered people who were living in storage units. Don’t get any ideas, people–this is very illegal.

“I asked if they ever found someone trying to live in the storage unit. She said yes….”

“There was a strange person counting pills at a unit by ours.”

“A few of the units are being occupied by people that do not have housing. One unit had the door open and a bike outside of it. The guy who was sitting there was just hanging out in the unit.”

More than anything, however, our customers cited their own trials and tribulations with the physical demands of self-storage. For those of you who need a refresher, here are some of our tips on making self-storage as streamlined as possible.

“I didn’t notice the video cameras, so I’m sure I provided some entertainment running to get the cart. My running skills are not the best.”

“How many people does it take to lock a unit? Three, before we finally realized we had the lock slid the wrong way.”

“Funny thing that I actually made it up all those stairs several times without passing out.”

“Got lost a couple times finding the unit. Two of us were looking around for it, then couldn’t find each other. Breadcrumbs next time!”

“Nothing odd happened, but we did have quite a time trying to find a restaurant in the area with a parking lot that would accommodate a 17-foot-long truck.” 

Needless to say, we were relieved overall to find out that nothing completely terrifying or absurd happened to our customers during their storage experience. After all, SpareFoot’s philosophy is that self-storage should be easy, not stressful.

“It was easier than I was expecting. I guess I found that odd.”