You’d think that being in the self-storage industry means we’re good at organizing and decluttering, but even SpareFoot needs a little help every now and again. If you’re anything like us, you have difficulty figuring out what to do with the random boxes, wires and keyboards on your desk while also trying to juggle a monkey beanie wearing a Santa Claus hat adorned with wrapping ribbons. (I’m looking at my desk neighbor as I write this.) Spring cleaning season might be over, but that doesn’t mean decluttering has to end. Here are five of our favorite home organization blogs, in no particular order.

A Bowl Full of Lemons


Aside from the charming name, A Bowl Full of Lemons features an encyclopedic collection of home organization tutorials, lifestyle advice and DIY tricks. With everything from menu planning to articles on emergency preparedness, this blog is the perfect source for all of your organization needs–and beyond. Make A Bowl Full of Lemons a daily go-to and enjoy free printable stuff like calendars and cleaning lists; recipes for things like homemade laundry detergent recipe; and super-helpful articles like “Teaching Young Children to Manage Money.” You’ll never find yourself short on material for improving your day-to-day organizing efforts, all the while learning super-creative tricks to spruce up your life … one step at a time.

IHeart Organizing


Featured by impressive media outlets like Ladies Home Journal and HGTV, IHO has been hailed as a perfect place to go when inspiration runs dry. Aside from the gorgeous site design, readers can find tons of creative and easy ideas for organization, storage and DIY projects. The project gallery houses tutorials for every space category imaginable, including kids and school, entryway, living/family room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office and DIY. If the compendium of tutorials isn’t enough to satisfy the hardcore organizing enthusiast, IHO also offers fun printable items that cover every list-worthy activity, from holiday gifts to beach essentials.

A Beautiful Mess


If you’re looking for a well-rounded blog that covers everything from decor to fashion to food, A Beautiful Mess is a must-read. Updated daily by Elsie and Emma, the site is a whimsical and helpful combination of mouthwatering recipes (see: Peanut Butter & Cayenne Ice Cream), gorgeous pictures and inspiring home project ideas. A Beautiful Mess also features frequent giveaways and recently debuted an iPhone app that allows users to add filters, borders, custom text and pre-drawn doodles to photos. Add this irresistible read to your daily web routine, and you’ll find yourself in creative-cocktail-and-vintage-decor heaven.



Unclutterer is a no-nonsense blog dedicated to one thing: uncluttering. You’ll find detailed articles on home organization alongside general advice for streamlining your life, like how to mark up your to-do lists for increased productivity. One of the best features of the site is the Unclutterer Forum, where organizing enthusiasts can discuss everything from dealing with sentimental clutter to working with professional organizers.

Becoming Minimalist


It should come as no surprise that a clean physical environment informs a clean spiritual environment. Joshua Becker’s blog about minimalism and the joys of owning less is both inspiring and educational. As you’re trying to find new ways to organize, declutter and store, don’t forget that sometimes the answer is as simple as this: Be without. A healthy dose of minimalism, coupled with judicious organizing tactics and tricks, can transform your home into a much more pleasant environment–one perfect for simplifying and improving all aspects of your life.

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