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We just made an exciting new advancement to benefit our facility clients and storage customers alike.

SpareFoot is committed to being the best source of information for self-storage online. This means giving our storage-seeking customers the most detailed information about the facilities on our network, so they can choose the right place to store. We also want to make sure your facility listings are accurate, up-to-date and clear. When customers find the details they want, they’re more informed and happy to reserve your units and move in. That means SpareFoot will send you even more action, boosting your occupancy and your bottom line.

That’s why we spent the past couple of months asking our customers everything they wanted to know about a facility before making a reservation. Based on their feedback, we’ve come up with the most comprehensive list of self-storage facility details.

What’s New?
The new framework is designed to represent the most thorough information about your facility. We lovingly nicknamed this the “Big Data” project here at SpareFoot HQ, because it’s basically a huge collection of helpful data about our facility partners.

Now there are new fields available in MySpareFoot, which you can find throughout the Details, Amenities and Hours tabs. This gives you the option to identify details and accommodations unique to your facility. Some examples include insurance and security deposit requirements, additional security features, how truck rental works, how 24-hour access works, whether your facility allows band practice, and the holidays when your facilities are closed—just to name a few.

Note that some details, like your insurance requirements, will not be reflected directly on your listing. Instead, we’ll show these details in the confirmation email that customers receive from SpareFoot once they reserve space at your facility.

Why Does It Matter?
Online customers want to know everything upfront before making a decision. They want total clarity. This means that you risk losing a rental if the customer feels like he or she doesn’t have all the information needed to make a decision.

“SpareFoot is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for both customers looking for storage and our facility partners,” SpareFoot Client Relations pro Barry Finder said. “The biggest complaint on both sides was around a lack of information and missing or outdated details, so we spent the last several months asking customers what they want to know, and asking facilities what they want to tell customers.”

Now What?
You can see what we came up with now—go check it out in MySpareFoot! We’ll choose five clients who update your listings by Friday, Oct. 4, to win a $75 credit in SpareBucks, which will be added to your account and applied against your next bill.

Did we miss anything? What are you most excited about? Let us know below in the comments!