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They may be miniature in size, but Dachshunds have a pretty impressive track record for cultural impact. Picasso’s Lump appeared in 15 of the artist’s 44 studies of Diego Valazquez’s painting Las Meninas. Andy Warhol’s Amos and Archie were featured in several of Warhol’s paintings, drawings and diary entries. When William Randolph Hearst’s Helena died, she was eulogized in his “In the News” column. Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grenouille and Fausette were said to have inspired the phrase “Napoleon Complex.”

And then there’s SpareFoot. We have Bootsy.

Bootsy, whose name was inspired by The Mighty Boosh’s “The Legend of Old Gregg,” belongs to our SEO specialist Josh Waldrum and his wife, Erin. The two found him through a Craigslist ad and have been grooming him to live up to his name ever since.

“He was really tiny when we first got him,” Josh said. “He fit in the palm of my hand! When he was a puppy, he would crawl onto the back of my neck anytime he got tired and just fall asleep there.”

When he’s not tumbling around the office, Bootsy is a fierce competitor. As one of the smallest dogs to visit SpareFoot, he’s also the most accomplished; Bootsy has participated in several competitions, including the Wiener Dog Costume Contest at NXNW Oktoberfest Weekend in Austin‘s Arboretum area. So far, he has worn Lederhosen, dressed up as a dragon and donned the armor of a University of Texas football player–a costume for which he came in second. Hook ’em!

Bootsy in Lederhosen, ready for the world.
Ach du lieber, Bootsy!

“His mom is a stage mom,” Josh said. “She wants to get more Dachshunds, dress them up as dragons, and then dress as Daenerys from ‘Game of Thrones.’ The Mother of Dachshunds.”

Bootsy also recently competed in a wiener dog race at uShip, where he placed second.

“He has a history of coming in second place, apparently,” Josh said.

We love having Bootsy at the SpareFoot office–he has a hilarious personality and is extremely active. It’s also incredibely amusing to see such a small creature making the rounds at maximum speed (I’m taking liberties with the word “speed” here). Plus, if we’re all being frank, it’s great having a wiener dog around–it leads to great puns.

For prospective Dachshund owners, Josh has one piece of advice:

“Have a lot of blankets. They like to burrow.”

Bootsy smizing in front of the Texas Capitol and showing us what a vogue dog (dogue?) he is.
Bootsy smizing in front of the Texas Capitol and showing us what a vogue dog (dogue?) he is.