Oh, “Storage Wars.” After weeks of learning about storage auctions and wondering how entertaining they could possibly be, I finally tuned in to my first episode of the A&E show that changed the game. Thanks to its influence, storage auctions are now bigger than ever. Ideally, this gives facility owners a better chance of recapturing lost revenue from abandoned units. It also brings a bit of welcome attention and excitement to our admittedly unglamorous industry.

This week, in “High End Heist,” everyone’s favorite crew of competitive auction bidders descended on a high-end storage facility in Torrence, CA. There are regular antique fairs in this part of town, so the collectors and store owners in the crowd set their treasure-finding expectations high. As the fast-talking auctioneer, Dan, prattles on at his unintelligible pace, drama (sort of) sizzles on the asphalt.

Jarrod complains that his wife, Brandi, is now convinced she’s a bidding pro after having accompanied him to auctions for a couple of months. Brandi is feeling a bit of competitive edge toward her husband, and claims she’s ready to buy her own locker today. A spousal competition unfolds throughout the episode, as Brandi and Jarrod bid on (and win) separate storage lockers. Brandi proves herself as a careful but quick thinker, at odds with Jarrod’s seemingly spontaneous over-confidence. Her shrewdness leads her to a $1,245 profit on her $250 locker, leaving Jarrod in the hole -$50 on his $400 locker purchase.

Meanwhile, boisterous Barry complains of boredom, hoping to find some excitement in a storage locker. This desperation leads him to a decidedly poor judgement call. He ends up with a -$650 deficit after steeply bidding on a unit containing a dilapidated land sail that’s missing a… sail. He’s confident he’ll find the sail elsewhere in the unit, but doesn’t. After its dismally low appraisal by a sherpa-like land sail expert in the desert, Barry shrugs off the loss to enjoy a rental ride on a modern-day land sail. It’s a little weird, but at least Barry got his excitement for the week.

The best sport and true winner of the day is Dave, who walks away with $1,975 profits on his locker. It contains an old Jaguar (car storage in full effect), but everyone else loses interest after learning the car will not be included in the sale. Dave spots some furniture storage finds, including a rather lovely vintage table at the back of the unit. He also finds some lethal reproduction Samari swords. But Dave decides not to resell these due to their violent nature, which he demonstrates rather gleefully upon a grapefruit.

So those are the highlights of this week’sStorage Wars.” It didn’t quite deliver the level of drama I tend to demand from my reality TV, but it was pretty fun. Are you a fan of the show? How did you think this week  stacked up against previous episodes?

Photo courtesy of aetv.com