Talk about a cool way to clear out some clutter.

Portland, OR, design studio Ruphus has devised an elegant way to ditch the traditional—and often messy—desk. The wall-mounted PodPad workstation features a fold-down desktop, storage compartments, a charging dock for your iPhone or other devices, and an integrated sound system.


But wait, there’s more. The shadowbox-shaped PodPad is almost as thin as Kelly Ripa. And it’s trimmed in walnut. And its doors are available in two finishes: bamboo and white.

To top it all off, the closed-up PodPad resembles a sleek piece of modern art. Ruphus even can customize your PodPad with photos, artwork or a design cut into the wood or printed directly on it.

Yes, I’m a fan of the PodPad. In short, it’s a thing of beauty. And I’m not the only raving about it. Check out these comments from around the web.



“The PodPad could be the perfect convertible office for small spaces and those working from home, and is a work of art all on its own, even if all you plan to do with it is use it for paying the bills and checking your email.”


The PodPad is “a very streamlined piece of modern woodwork art fused into home interior furniture design.”


The PodPad is “an artful and modern alternative to traditional work spaces.”



“Once you see this gorgeous and highly functional hub made of locally salvaged Oregon Black Walnut, you’ll never want to work at a traditional desk again.”


The PodPad is “the Murphy bed of desks.”


“If you’re going for a clean and minimal aesthetic in your home, PodPad should be your new office. … At a cool $1,200, it isn’t exactly a practical purchase, but it is far sleeker than most home office setups we’ve come across.”


So if you’re now lusting after the PodPad and you’re ready to fork over $1,200, you might want to know how well it would fit on a wall at your home or office. Here are the dimensions: 38” x 34⅛” x 5⅛”.

In my book, the PodPad measures up as an ingenious de-cluttering solution for space-crunched home and office dwellers.

Images courtesy of Ruphus