Do you love making customers happy with promos and discounts? Do you not love adding them one by one to each of your units in MySpareFoot?

Now, we’re taking the hassle out of adding special offers to your units with our shiny new promos layout in the Units section of MySpareFoot!

This revamped layout will let you add and edit promos, discounts and free items for several units at once. Simply check the boxes next to the units you want to edit and select Discounts, Promos or Free Items from the bar above. The drop-down menu that appears will allow you to choose the nature and value of the offer. Note: You can add only one special per type–discount, promo or free item–to each unit.

SpareFoot constantly uses our data to optimize your listing’s conversion rate so that we can send you more customers. This new layout and promo builder are a result of this practice: They optimize the promo and discount information on your listing, thus making your facility more attractive and visible to prospective customers.

Watch this SpareFoot video for more information:

What’s the difference between “discounts” and “promos?

Great question! Discounts are a dollar amount or percentage off that is honored on an ongoing basis, while promos end after a set length of time. It’s possible to offer a dollar amount or percentage off as a promo, but you’ll just have to specify time limitations.


How can I add a custom promo or discount?

Check the box next to the units you want to edit, and then select +New Custom Discount or +New Custom Promo from the respective drop-down menu. Enter your custom information in the window that pops up. We’ll create the promo or discount for you and apply it to your selected units.


This easy-to-use promo builder will allow you to add the details of your promo or discount, eliminating customer confusion during move-in. Prospective tenants looking at your listing will know exactly what to expect when they arrive at your facility. This makes for a happy customer and a better move-in process for everyone!


This feature remains in the beta testing phase and currently is available only for non-integrated accounts that joined SpareFoot after mid-January. Just log onto MySpareFoot, select your facility and go to the Units tab.

We’re rolling this out to all of our facility clients very soon, meaning there will be cool solutions for integrated clients with promos, plus new features like bulk unit updating. Get excited! In the meantime, please give us your feedback on how we can make this work even better for you. Simply post a comment below!


Have a suggestion for additional giveaways we should add to the Free Items menu above? Please post a comment below!


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