Buckle up, music lovers. 2014 just might be the Year of DJ JayCeeOh.

Here at SpareFoot, we know JayCeeOh as the headlining DJ for the annual SpareFoot Party. The 2014 bash will be March 7 at Scoot Inn; it’ll mark JayCeeOh’s third consecutive year as the headliner.

But while we are quite familiar with JayCeeOh, some music fans may not be tuned in to him just yet. JayCeeOh is getting ready to make some serious noise, though, as he ramps up his shift from creating music remixes to producing original mixes.

“This year has been nonstop so far. I am anticipating that things will be getting even crazier as the year goes on,” JayCeeOh told The SpareFoot Blog. “I have a lot of new music coming out and hope to break down some new doors in the production world.”

America will just have to wait for those doors to be broken down until after The SpareFoot Party. On March 7, he’s all ours.


“The SpareFoot Party is always a blast,” JayCeeOh said. “I have seen the party grow each year, and it’s always getting better. I am honored to be back and headlining the party this year.”

L.A. native JayCeeOh (aka Jacob Charles Osher) has been on the music world’s fast track since last year’s SpareFoot Party. For instance, he won the third season of VH1’s “Master of the Mix”; as a result, he was crowned the official DJ for Smirnoff vodka. He also put together the official mix for last year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival and shared the festival stage in Las Vegas with no-holds-barred singer Miley Cyrus.

“I love that Miley is a wildcard. She is young, rich and having fun. She has a great voice and is talented,” JayCeeOh said. “I applaud all the crazy s**t she does.”

While he’s rubbed elbows–but not foam fingers–with Miley Cyrus, JayCeeOh said it’s hard to pinpoint the most memorable gig of his DJ career.

“Every week, I travel to different cities and have stories to tell,” he said. “I guess the most recent show that comes to mind was when I performed at The Light in Las Vegas with Axwell and Kendrick Lamar. It was a sold-out show, and there was a lot of pressure to deliver a great performance. I knocked it out of the park and am now headlining at The Light on March 8.”

What’s on tap for the rest of 2014? For starters, a new JayCeeOh release from Ultra Records is coming out April 1.


“I have tried to stay consistent and release a ton of new material recently,” he said. “I am also working on a handful of new collaborations with other producers and vocalists. There will definitely be a lot of JayCeeOh records to be absorbed in 2014.”

And what about beyond 2014?

“I have so many goals that I haven’t hit yet,” JayCeeOh said. “I have a lot of room for growth as an artist and producer. Until I have multiple hit records [and] a Grammy or two and have played Coachella, I am gonna be pushing as hard as ever.”

To aspiring DJ/producers who want to push their way to the top, JayCeeOh offers this advice: Stay positive and chase your dreams.

“You have to work hard as f**k and it’s often a long, hard road, but quality and persistence will eventually get you there,” he said. “It took me 15 years into my career to catch a break, and I still feel like I have a ways to go. If you set a goal and reach it, that’s great, but don’t be satisfied. Set a new goal immediately, and chase that till you get it. Repeat this process till you die!”

Photos courtesy of JayCeeOh