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This announcement isn’t on the scale of the arrival of England’s royal baby. Nonetheless, we’re delighted to tell you that we’re the proud parents of a new blog.

The SpareFoot Storage Beat will deliver timely news and in-depth analysis to you about the self-storage industry: public companies, private companies, storage trends, real estate development, storage acquisitions, and hirings and promotions at storage businesses.

SpareFoot’s in-house storage industry reporter, Alexander Harris, is spearheading coverage on The SpareFoot Storage Beat. His work will be supplemented by contributions from several top-notch freelance journalists as well as from yours truly.

“In the United States, self-storage represents a $24 billion industry, and it’s an industry that continues to grow. The SpareFoot Storage Beat promises to leave no stone unturned in its thorough reporting on the self-storage industry,” Harris said.

Please check out the newest member of SpareFoot’s online family at

In case you’re wondering, The SpareFoot Blog—The SpareFoot Storage Beat’s big brother—is not going away. On that blog, you’ll still be able to find consumer information about storage, moving and organization; insights into the startup world; profiles about the people of SpareFoot; various rankings of U.S. cities; and news about your favorite online marketplace for self-storage.

OK, now you can stop reading this blog post and visit The SpareFoot Storage Beat. Enjoy!

If you have story ideas for The SpareFoot Storage Beat, please leave them in the comment section below, or send an email to John Egan at or Alexander Harris at