mysparefoot update

We just added a convenient new feature that was widely requested by SpareFoot facility clients. Now you can get alerted about new reservations via text message.

Most MySpareFoot accounts now have a new “Cell Phone Number” field in MySpareFoot; you can find it in the Details tab of your facility view. Simply enter the cellphone number of your best contact person for that location. This should be whoever normally handles follow-up calls for the facility.

It’s never been easier to follow up with customers within the first 10 minutes of a reservation, which has been proven to raise move-in rates significantly among SpareFoot facility clients. When we asked customers whether they found follow-up calls helpful, 91.4 percent said “YES!”

Texts arrive immediately upon receiving a reservation at all hours, no matter the time. They’ll come in from the phone number 512-337-4009. The message says: “From SpareFoot: [FIRST + LAST NAME] has just reserved a [UNIT TYPE] for [MOVE-IN DATE]. Follow up with them now at [CUSTOMER’S PHONE #].”

This new feature is just a different flavor of our Tenant Connect follow-up call system, which most SpareFoot clients already use and enjoy. Note that now you can have Tenant Connect call an alternate, more direct phone number instead of your public facility line. To add this, just email us at

There’s more to come in this product line, since we want to make it easier to connect you with your customers from SpareFoot. Future plans include adding the ability to set a “time-out” so Tenant Connect calls don’t reach your call center, and providing a call-back number so you can return missed Tenant Connect calls later.

Since this is our first foray into a mobile-based product for our facility clients, we want to hear feedback from you! Once you start using it and receiving some text messages from us, please tell us what you think and how it could be better. Simply email SpareFoot product whiz Skylar Talley at He’ll listen to your feedback and work to incorporate it into future versions.