Thirty-one fourth-graders from Reilly Elementary School in Austin face a hard choice. They’ve got to decide which department at SpareFoot they think would be the best to work for. (Actually, we think all of them are great to work for.)

On May 9, the fourth-graders visited our offices and met with representatives of seven departments at SpareFoot. The students are taught by Eliza Gordon and Dinorah De la Torre.

“We developed a note-taking rubric and came up with questions that would allow the students to determine what job they would want to have,” Gordon said.

Now, the students are relying on those notes to write essays about which SpareFoot department they’d want to work for and why. We’re looking forward to reading those essays; we’ll keep them on file for when these kids are ready to work here.

Gordon, the sister of SpareFoot co-founder and CEO Chuck Gordon, said many of the students who took the SpareFoot field trip live with and around adults who work in industries like construction, food services and cleaning services.

Reilly Elementary School

“We brought them to visit SpareFoot to broaden their exposure to work opportunities and to connect their learning to potential future careers,” Eliza Gordon said.

Aside from the notes and the memories, each student got a SpareFoot tote, as well as a chef-prepared lunch like all SpareFeet enjoy every workday.

“My students were shocked and totally impressed with how great the food was, and that lunch like that is served every day,” Gordon said.

We’re impressed with the food, too.

If you’re interested in working at SpareFoot and chowing down on that impressive lunch every workday, check out our jobs page