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Ah, a dog’s life. It’s pretty sweet, huh? You get petted. You get groomed. You get fed. You get loved.

Some dogs in the U.S. have particularly great lives, though. We’ve singled out seven cities where Fido’s life is really fine. To produce our ranking, we examined four “best cities for dogs” lists—from Forbes.com, Estately.com, MensHealth.com and NerdWallet.com. Then, we picked the best of the best. Did your city bow-wow us?

1. Portland, OR

Where it ranks especially well: Number of off-leash dog parks
Why it’s so great: “The Rose City falls over itself to spoil its dogs.” — Estately.com

2. Seattle, WA

Where it ranks especially well: Public transportation options for pooches
Why it’s so great: “What Seattle lacks in sunny days it more than makes up for with a local culture committed to happy, active dogs.” — Estately.com

3. Minneapolis, MN

Where it ranks especially well: Affordable veterinary care
Why it’s so great:Minneapolis is a mecca for dog owners, with plenty of dog parks and affordable care.” — NerdWallet.com

4. San Francisco, CA

Where it ranks especially well: Walkability
Why it’s so great: “There are endless amenities for you and your pup in San Francisco, whether it’s hiking a trail, shopping, checking out attractions or enjoying the park—all 56 of them.” — Forbes.com

5. Austin, TX

Where it ranks especially well: Number of off-leash dog parks
Why it’s so great: “Even dogs who don’t love live music and delicious Tex-Mex will feel at home in the Texas capital.” — Estately.com

6. Las Vegas, NV

Where it ranks especially well: Number of off-leash dog parks
Why it’s so great: “Sin City is a great place for dogs, as evidenced by the city’s 4.4 dog parks per 100,000 residents and affordable pet care.” — NerdWallet.com

7. San Diego, CA

Where it ranks especially well: Great place to find a dog sitter
Why it’s so great: “Great weather, dog-friendly beaches and 16 dog parks make San Diego a happy home for hounds.” — Estately.com

Note: Check out our updated list here.


Graphics by Brian Shreckengast and Josh Waldrum

John is a freelance writer and editor. He first moved to Austin in 1999, when downtown Austin wasn't nearly as lively as it is today. John's loves include pizza, University of Kansas basketball and puns.