186319449We’re happy to announce that starting in June, some units on SpareFoot can only be reserved seven days in advance of a customer’s move-in date. We’ve historically allowed customers to book as far as 60 days out.

The friendly folks on our Client Relations and Product teams spoke with dozens of storage pros like you at facilities that use SpareFoot. We asked what was working and not working with our product. The most common complaint we heard was that SpareFoot’s 60-day reservation window was too long.

Different facilities told us drastically different reasons why this policy didn’t work for them:

  • When some facilities get SpareFoot reservations, they completely hold a unit on their property for that customer. That meant no other customer could walk in and rent that unit for 60 days. It was a huge bummer if the SpareFoot customer didn’t end up moving in.
  • Other facilities make sure the SpareFoot customer will have a unit ready on move-in day, but they shuffle their availability around to accommodate walk-ins and reservations from other sources. This juggling act became too hard to keep up with during the busy season, when SpareFoot was sending them about 20 to 30 reservations per month.

How do you handle lead management? Which of the above facilities is most similar to yours? Tell us in the comments below!

Your reservation window will change based on unit group occupancy. When you have only one or two units of a certain size and type available, our system will automatically restrict customers to be able to reserve that type of unit for only seven days. When you have lots of available inventory for other unit groups, they’ll still be available for a reservation 60 days out.

Starting in June, this feature is available only for facilities that use SiteLink Web Edition and have taken advantage of SpareFoot’s free integration with that software.

We’re planning to roll this out to facilities using all our other software integrations in the coming months. If your Centershift, DOMICO, QuikStor or SelfStorageManager account is integrated with SpareFoot, you’ll be automatically enrolled once our team finishes building this functionality for your software. We’ll send an email to let you know when that happens.

As this rolls out, we’ll closely monitor how this change influences consumer behavior. If a customer would otherwise book a unit 45 days out, but our website limits him or her to just seven days, will the customer end up moving in earlier? What about customers who really don’t need their unit for another 60 days? Do we lose those customers altogether, or will they come back to book a unit closer to move-in day?

We will keep you in the loop on the answers to those questions and more. Our team is confident that this highly requested feature will have a positive impact on your SpareFoot move-in rate. Please let us know whether you have any questions or concerns by emailing support@sparefoot.com.