As soon-to-be college graduates cram for final exams and gear up for graduation, they’re also thinking about where they’re going to live and work. If they’re lucky, these future members of the workforce already have the logistics figured out.

Unfortunately, many college grads face uncertain job prospects in 2013. “For the fifth consecutive year, new graduates will enter a profoundly weak labor market and will face high unemployment and underemployment rates and depressed wages,” according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Still, not all of the news for job-seeking college grads is depressing. This hiring season, about 27% of campus recruiters expected to boost starting salaries, up from 20% the year before, according to surveys by the College Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University.

Here, SpareFoot presents some figures that shed some light on what the future holds for the Class of 2013 (we promise there won’t be a test on the info).

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College Class of 2013