Liebe and Katie Smith

Only 12 percent of U.S. dog owners can bring their pooches to the office on a regular workday, according to a recent report from Wellness Natural Pet Food. Fortunately, SpareFeet are among that 12 percent.

Every workday, dogs of all shapes and sizes scamper and sleep and eat and entertain at SpareFoot. The office just wouldn’t be the same without our daily dose of doggies. In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 20), we’re highlighting nine SpareFoot dogs and the people they own.

“Pets make our lives better,” said Pat Moran, president of Pet Sitters International, which sponsors the annual dog-to-work observance to promote dog adoption. “Studies support the benefits of pet ownership, from providing companionship to reducing stress and increasing physical activity. Take Your Dog to Work Day provides pet lovers with a unique way to celebrate their dogs and give back to the pet community with a special workplace event.”

Here’s a sampling of the pups that perk up our workdays at SpareFoot.

Krista Allenby, ACE Team
Dog she brings to work: Moose


Type of dog: Boxer
Quote: “I know when Moose comes in, he’s off sniffing around the snack areas. If you feed him cheese, you’ll regret it.”

Joshua Bosarge, ACE Team
Dog he brings to work: Peach


Type of dog: Long-haired Dachshund
Quote: “Listen for her jingling collar or you could step on her!”

Caroline Gormley, ACE Team
Dog she brings to work: Hank Scorpio

Hank Caroline Gormley

Type of dog: “Shaggy rescue pup”
Quote: “He has a lot of dogs who think they are his BFF, but his true best friend is a cat named Wolf.”

Alexander Harris, Marketing Team
Dog he brings to work: Rocket J. Squirrel (Rocket)

Rocket Alexander Harris

Type of dog: Jack Russell Terrier mix
Quote: “Rocket comes to work once every couple of months. He prefers to telecommute.”

Iris Hernandez, ACE Team
Dog she brings to work: Sir Benjamin Franklin

Franklin the dog

Type of dog: Boxer
Quote: “He thinks he is part lion. He likes to stalk people and dogs at the dog park, so that can be pretty embarrassing!”

Matt Land, Development Team
Dog he brings to work: Hiro Protagonist


Type of dog: Greyhound
Quote: “He earned about $50,000 per year before retiring from racing at age 3, when we adopted him.”

Caroline Penca, ACE Team
Dog she brings to work: Kimberly “Kiki” Grisham-Penca


Type of dog: Pomeranian/Papillon mix
Quote: “Kiki’s favorite things are chicken nuggets, trash, snuggling, and playing hide-and-seek.”

Andrew Reese, Sales Team
Dog he brings to work: Olive

Olive Andrew Reese

Type of dog: Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel mix
Quote: “She is a rescue and is deathly afraid of plastic bags.”

Katie Smith, People Department
Dog she brings to work: Liebe (also known as Potty Pervert or Lil’ Brisket)

liebe katie smith

Type of dog: Puggle
Quote: “Liebe (pictured at top with Katie) is fascinated by toilets and showers—hence the nickname Potty Pervert. She also has a knack for sending my emails before they are complete, leading to a few interesting conversations.”