soft reservations

Some people are hesitant to commit to a reservation. I’m sure you know the type of shopper I’m talking about—these are the people who “just want to check prices” or they “need to talk with their wife/husband” before they actually book a unit.

We want to accommodate these wishy-washy shoppers in a way that captures their information, but doesn’t pressure them into reserving a unit. To do that, we created soft reservations a few years ago, and we’ve been adding to and adjusting how they work ever since. Soft reservations:

  • Are completely obligation-free to shoppers. We want to be sure to capture these customers and provide them with your facility information, as well as with an incentive to actually move in.
  • Sends the customer some information about the facility or facilities they’re considering, which makes it easy for them to follow up and pull the trigger.
  • Saves facilities from holding units open for customers who aren’t ready to commit.

Saved Units
Shoppers who find their way to our call center can flag or save units that they’re interested in. Via email, we’ll send these customers an overview of the units they’ve selected, with links so they can head back to the website and actually complete the reservation process.

soft reservations$20 Rebate
SpareFoot also will offer some customers a $20 rebate if they find a storage unit on SpareFoot and ultimately move in. Customers always can choose to receive their rebate instructions via text message or email.

The Rebate Process
If a customer asks you about their $20 rebate (sometimes they call it a $20 coupon), you don’t need to worry about paying it! The cost of this offer is completely covered by SpareFoot. Just let the customer know that the text message or email they received from SpareFoot includes full instructions for how to redeem the rebate (paid via check) as well as instructions for how to contact our consumer support team. The long story short is they need to mail us a page of their lease or a payment receipt (which confirms that they’ve moved in) as well as a mailing address for us to send the check.

Where Does the $20 Rebate Appear?
We’re always testing and experimenting with ways to use the $20 rebate to capture and convert shoppers who are wishy washy. In the past, we’ve used the rebate:

  • As a “Wait, don’t go!” message to customers who leave our site without booking.
  • As a clickable button on our website.
  • As a tool for our call center to use for customers who aren’t ready to commit.

What Does This Look Like for You?
For starters, we’ll send you a heads-up email:

reservation email

When you receive one of these emails, no action is required! That’s because we can’t give you any contact information for the customer.

SpareFoot gets their name and phone number, used for the purpose of sending them a text message. We explicitly tell these customers that we will not sell, share or in any other way use their information.

We love that facilities are eager to reach out to the leads we generate to attempt to move them in. These soft reservations are extremely successful because of the sacred promise we make to the customer that they won’t be contacted (by us or by anyone else). Unfortunately, this also means that we can’t provide any information to you to make these notifications more actionable. On the bright side, these soft reservations convert quite well—so you’ll likely get a new customer without needing to follow up or hold open any inventory!