Summer is in the air, and it’s time for a fresh new look. No need to spend a pretty penny when you have all you need right in your house. Look around at all your “junk” and envision the possibilities. Here are a few ways to repurpose old items to decorate your home.


Those magazines that clutter your nightstand can yield a newfound purpose. Let’s be honest; you aren’t going to read them again. Take those old pages filled with style tips and celebrity gossip, and turn them into beautiful artwork for your walls. It’s simple and requires some superglue, scissors and a board (you can use cork, foam, wood or even a cardboard box).


Rip or cut the paper into little strips and roll them up any way you like. Apply glue to one end and place the roll onto the board. Repeat this process until you like the look of your board. You can leave space in between or glue them tightly together. There’s no wrong answer with this project. You’re the artist, so channel your inner creative side and get to work.

Old Suitcases

If you have old suitcases in the basement collecting cobwebs, here’s a project for you. Although their time as suitcases may have passed, they can serve a new purpose that doesn’t involve spiders. Give those suitcases a clean, then stack them up and place a mirror on top. Now, your old suitcases are a cool new nightstand or coffee table.

Wine Bottles


The morning after you host a dinner party, be sure to save those wine bottles. They come in handy in more ways than one. They’re great for a centerpiece. First, take the labels off with hot water and adhesive remover, then simply place some flowers in the bottles. Put a few of these bottles together, and you have an inexpensive new centerpiece.

wine bottles

Personalized Bottles

Another idea is to use a hot-glue gun to write or draw a design on the bottle. Let it dry, and then dip the bottle in paint. After it dries, you’ll have cool new bottles you can use for anything


If you’re going for a more romantic look, make your wine bottle into a candleholder. Soak a string in nail-polish remover, tie it around the wine bottle and light the string on fire. It will burn for about 25 seconds before the flame dies out.

When the flame dies, immediately dunk the bottle above the string into a bucket of ice water. There will be a shattering sound. Don’t be frightened, though—this is just the glass breaking off. Remove the bottle and sand down the edges to create a flawless rim. Drop a candle in, and you’re ready to go.


Think twice before you clean out your garage. Those old toolboxes can come in handy. If your power strip begins to look a little too messy, don’t fear—we have a solution.


Take an old toolbox and drill a hole in it for the cord of the power strip. Next, drill holes in a piece of wood so you can pull the cord through without seeing the power strip. This is a great way to recycle your old toolbox and create a cord-free charging station.

VHS Covers

With today’s technology, VHS tapes are just a waste of space. Clean out your boxes and put those VHS covers to use. Simply slip the covers out of the front and insert a picture instead. You can attach the VHS cover to the wall with adhesive strips or even nails. Now you have a picture frame that you can open up and store stuff in.

Lauren Haber is a writer for the Quicken Loans Zing Blog.