Cory Michner and Emma Nostrand

I’m excited to introduce two new leaders on SpareFoot’s Client Relations Team: Cory Michner and Emma Nostrand. Not only are they both wonderful people, but they’re also extremely passionate about the facilities that use SpareFoot.

As you may know, the Client Relations Team at SpareFoot is split into two main categories: Onboarding and implementation for facilities that have just joined SpareFoot, and support for existing clients. As more and more facilities join SpareFoot, we’ve been doing our best to grow our Client Relations Team to continue delivering you the best service possible. In fact, our team has grown from two people in 2009 to almost 20 people today!

SpareFoot’s philosophy about Client Relations is simple: Love our clients and do what’s right. We strive to provide prompt, friendly answers to all of your questions–simply because we value your business. We want you to enjoy each and every interaction you have with us–as much as we enjoy interacting with you!

Cory and Emma have both been strong members of Client Relations for almost two years, and it’s an absolute pleasure to introduce them to you as team leads. As team leads, they will be responsible for keeping your experience great by training new team members and making each communication we have with you even better.

Cory is originally from St. Louis and now runs the onboarding and implementation part of Client Relations for new facilities that are added to SpareFoot. Emma is originally from New Jersey and will be taking charge of all things related to facility support.

We view our relationship with you as a partnership–and we’re always open to all of your questions, comments and feature requests. Additionally, we pride ourselves on being honest with clients. In the spirit of honesty, let Cory and Emma know what you think! Feel free to submit some advice, kind words or feedback in the form below. We’ll send your comment straight to Emma and/or Cory so they can get to work on what matters: Taking your feedback and putting it into action.

Send Cory and/or Emma your comments: