Many SpareFoot clients are using SiteLink Web Edition to manage operations at their facilities. The integration syncs a facility’s units from SiteLink to SpareFoot, and updates unit availability and pricing automatically on the SpareFoot listing. Our clients love how easy and seamless this integration is!

Many of you have been asking us to kick it up a notch and also automatically sync discounts and promotions from SiteLink to SpareFoot. We’ve got good news…

Introducing Integrated SiteLink Promotions

We’re excited to announce that the Integrated SiteLink Promotions feature is in the final phases of testing and will be available for use this September! If your SpareFoot account already is integrated with SiteLink Web Edition, you’ll receive an email when the feature is launched and ready for use.

In SiteLink’s “Edit Discount” interface, you can see the different channels listed under “Discount Availability.” There also are options to limit a particular promotion based on unit type or a unit type’s occupancy:

SiteLink integration

When this feature is released in the coming weeks, you can look forward to:

  • Picking your channel. You get to determine which channel (Call Center, Kiosk, Everywhere, Website) we pull promotions from. That means you don’t need to do any additional work if you already manage promotions for your website channel! SpareFoot will just piggyback on what you’ve already done and display the same promotions as your website.
  • New dedicated channel for SpareFoot promotions. If you don’t want to use one of your preexisting channels, you don’t need to! You’ll see “SpareFoot Only” in the SiteLink “Discount Availability” drop-down menu. Use this to create special SpareFoot promotions to offer our customers an extra sweet deal.
  • Accuracy. We’ve put lots of time into testing this new feature to make sure it’s accurate. For example: If your promotion is restricted to 10×10 and 5×10 units less than 90 percent occupied, you can expect to see it on SpareFoot only for those units.
  • Automatic updates. Your promotions will be updated every hour on SpareFoot, just like your unit availability and prices.

We worked hard with our friends at SiteLink to ensure that we implement this feature to accommodate all the ways you might manage your promotions (automatic, website, call center and so forth). We’re dedicated to making everything a simple, painless timesaver for you.

SpareFoot will email activation instructions for your account once the Integrated SiteLink Promotions feature is live. We hope you’re as excited as we are!