junk removal

Junk removal is a dirty job. It requires the right tools and processes to complete a cleanout in an orderly, timely fashion. These jobs sometimes run into speed bumps—like a refrigerator that hasn’t been opened in years and now is home to harmful mold.

Read on to find out about some of the oddest finds ever made during junk removal projects.

Taxidermy Animals

taxidermy animals

Numerous times, homes and storage units have been cleared out, and the cleanup crew discovers taxidermy animals. Taxidermy is the art of preserving animals. Often, homes are packed with the preserved critters.

Stem Cells

stem cells

A junk crew in Dallas was clearing out the home of a family who was moving to another country. In a large freezer, the family had stored the deceased father’s stem cells. The cells were kept in a green-tea box under large cuts of meat. Once the family realized what they’d left behind, arrangements were made to meet up with the junk removal team. On the day of the scheduled meeting, no one from the family showed up to retrieve the stem cells.

Slithering Surprises


If storage spaces are packed with too many items, it becomes easy for homeowners to neglect them. After so much neglect, insects and critters begin to settle in. One time, stuff was crammed into a cluttered garage; the ceiling rafters were lined with rolls of rugs. Junk removers were shocked to find a nest of snakes in one of the carpet rolls.

Hello, Dollies

Beavis and Butthead

Some people collect dolls. Not many collect hundreds of the same doll. A junk removal company in California once opened a 960-cubic-foot storage unit stuffed with various “Beavis and Butt-head” dolls. The dolls met their end when the junk removal company incinerated every single one of them.

Chatter Boxes

tooth molds

The home of a retired dentist was cleared out by his family and a junk removal team shortly after his death. The junk removers found boxes full of patients’ tooth molds. Since no patient records were found, the dentist’s children were left to wonder why their father had stored more than 20 boxes of dental molds.

Jason Steward is the owner of Demo Co., a junk removal, demolition and excavation company in Canada.