SpareFoot Band

With only half a dozen practice sessions under their belts, the seven members of the SpareFoot Band recently took the stage at The Mohawk, a music venue in Austin, TX. The bandmates had just 15 minutes to wow the crowd during the Austin Technology Council’s Battle of the Tech Bands.

Cheered on by SpareFoot coworkers and others in attendance, the SpareFoot Band rocked it out with two numbers: a ballad-turned-rap-turned-grunge tune called “Flowers by the Door” and a punk-hop anthem titled “Champagne Erryday,” a nod to SpareFoot’s official beverage.

Once all 11 bands had jammed on stage, the SpareFoot Band was declared the crowd favorite—an honor that the SpareFoot musicians credited to the crowd’s energy and their own on-stage energy. It didn’t hurt that a fair number of SpareFeet had shown up in support.

“We were the most high-energy set, in my opinion,” said Alan Nguyen, leader of the band and a member of SpareFoot’s Development Team. “All the other acts were super-solid and had great musicians, but we came to party and have fun. From the sets that we heard, we were the only ones with party-type, high-energy music, which is great for winning the crowd over.”

Just two weeks before the show, the band hadn’t written either of the songs they performed at The Mohawk.

“We really got our s*** together the very last week, and we were able to arrange the pieces and put together the show,” said Nguyen, who played drums during the 15-minute set. “Before then, it was a process of jamming, writing, and trying to come up with the general idea of songs we thought we could play.”

Mark Bay, a member of our Sales Team who plays sax, said he thought it was “crazy” to try to pull together a two-song set on such a tight schedule. But Bay changed his tune after the band grabbed the crowd-favorite award.

“I learned anything is possible and, with the right attitude, victory can be achieved,” Bay said.

SpareFoot Band

Members of the SpareFoot Band celebrate after being named the crowd favorite.

Nguyen said overseeing creation of a 15-minute stage show in the course of just a few weeks helped sharpen his management skills.

“Everyone in the group was really talented, and we were able to work really efficiently and have a lot of fun doing so,” Nguyen said. “I thought it was crazy that we were doing this on such short notice, but we were all able to work together and make really cool things happen.”

He added: “I think that this was a good way to show the rest of SpareFoot and other companies what kind of stuff we can accomplish outside of our day-to-day work lives.”

Aside from Nguyen and Bay, members of the band were:

  • Andrew Butler (vocals), a member of our Amazing Customer Experience (ACE) Team
  • Brett Chauvière (guitar), a member of our Analytics Team
  • Zave Crayton (vocals), a member of ACE
  • Steve Hilderbrand (bass), a member of our Analytics Team
  • Lauren Salsini (violin), a member of our Analytics Team

Video by Robert Boler; photos by Matt Stites