Albert Hood David Berns

At SpareFoot, we’re fortunate enough to have chefs prepare lunch for us every day. In addition, we’ve got an assortment of snacks to nibble on. We’re a well-fed bunch.

But we wouldn’t have to travel far outside our offices in downtown Austin, TX, to find people who are much less fortunate than we are when it comes to food—people who struggle every day to feed themselves and their families.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we at SpareFoot are expressing thanks for our good fortune by organizing a food drive for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. We’re calling it the SpareFoot CANpaign. From Nov. 10 through Nov. 21, we’ll be collecting canned and nonperishable food, and then donating it to the food bank. Or if someone doesn’t want to lug cans of food to work, we’re enabling SpareFeet to make online monetary donations to the food bank.

Our goal is to blow last year’s accomplishment of 210 donated cans out of the water and to raise even more money in donations than we did last Thanksgiving.
— Albert Hood, co-leader of the SpareFoot CANpaign

Oh, and we’re challenging other startups in Austin to join us in helping our hungry neighbors. Are you with us, WP Engine, The Zebra and Pingboard? How about you, FitChimp, Main Street Hub and BuildASign?

If you’re at an Austin startup and want to get involved in our CANpaign challenge, contact Tabetha Webb of SpareFoot’s People Department at

Community Service Teamwork

Here at SpareFoot, we’re splitting into teams of 10 to 15 members each to see which group can collect the most food. The prize? The team with the most donations will choose which SpareFooter must wear a turkey costume at our offices on Nov. 25, two days before Thanksgiving.

“Our goal is to blow last year’s accomplishment of 210 donated cans out of the water and to raise even more money in donations than we did last Thanksgiving,” said Albert Hood (at left in top photo), co-leader of the SpareFoot CANpaign and a member of our Amazing Customer Experience (ACE) Team.

With dozens more SpareFoot employees this November than last November, “we can and will do better,” Hood declared.

Hank Perret

Hank Perret (right) is president and CEO of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.

CANpaign co-leader David Berns (at right in top photo), a member of our Client Relations Team, said the competitive nature of our food drive meshes with SpareFoot’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” attitude. He said the idea of an amped-up food drive this year arose from an employee survey that identified a desire for SpareFoot to engage in more community service projects. SpareFoot’s Culture Club came up with the idea.

“We felt that a canned food drive was something that would be embraced wholeheartedly by SpareFoot. Plus, a canned food drive is a much-needed tradition every year around the holidays,” Berns said.

Food for Families

It certainly is needed in the Austin area. A study released earlier this year by the Capital Area Food Bank and the Feeding America network of food banks showed that nearly 46,000 people in a 21-county area of Central Texas depend on the Austin-based food bank and its partner agencies each week.

When the study was released, Hank Perret, president and CEO of the Capital Area Food Bank, said: “Many of the people we serve have jobs, raise families, work toward education and struggle with health problems, like all of us. Unfortunately, our clients also have to make difficult trade-offs to get enough food for their families.”

With our CANpaign, SpareFoot is determined to help at least some of those families.

Top photo by Matt Stites