Getting organized can be a bore and a chore, but various innovations are helping take some of the drudgery out of home organization. Looking for some inspiration to get your organizing act together in 2015? Check out these 11 products and services.


1. Virtual Organizing

Professional organizer Hazel Thornton provides virtual organizing services, primarily to DIY folks in need of a little coaching. Through virtual organizing, the client and the organizer collaborate by phone, email and Skype, rather than meeting in person.


2. Virtual Wills

Ever wonder what happens to someone’s Facebook account after he or she dies? More people are contemplating this issue as more of our lives are spent online. Thorton recommends setting up a “virtual will”, which lays out what happens to your online assets after you’re gone and designates someone to carry out your wishes.


3. The Palit


Are you frustrated by trying to corral makeup and other beauty products in your bathroom? So was Brandon Kelly, who invented The Palit as a solution to this problem. The Palit bills itself as “the first portable beauty workspace designed to provide you with more useable space to conduct your beauty routine above your pedestal sink or bathroom vanity.”

“I have lived my entire life in cities and have occupied condominiums and apartments exclusively,” Kelly said. “While there are ample options to secure storage solutions, the bathroom is the one place where nearly all bets are off, especially if you have a pedestal sink and no vanity cabinet beneath.”


4. OYOBox


The handcrafted OYOBox gives you a place to store and organize your eyewear. “Studies show that most people own multiple pairs of eyewear,” the company says, “and spend valuable time every day searching for the right pair since most are kept in travel cases in dark places.”


5. SignUpGenius

SignUpGenius is an online tool that helps users organize group activities, such as family dinners, church picnics, school parties or nonprofit fundraisers. The company says its tool eliminates the need for paper sign-ups, “reply all” emails and phone trees.


6. Fridge Binz

Fridge Binz

These refrigerator and freezer bins let you organize food items by use or size.

“They’ll help you find what you are looking for more quickly and put an end to wasted time with the door open. They’re stackable for efficiency and to create additional storage space,” according to The Container Store.


7. Doorstep Digital

As the name implies, Doorstep Digital brings digital archiving to your door. In nine U.S. cities, digital archivists will come to your home to preserve photos, slides, negatives, documents and artwork. Company executives say this does away with the risk of priceless items being damaged or lost when they’re archived outside your home.

So far, the service is available in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, TX; Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; and Seattle, WA.


8. SieMatic

SietMatic drawer insert

The kitchen drawer has gone high-tech—and elegant.

Among the features of SieMatic’s aluminum organizers for kitchen drawers are an angled knife block; a USB connection; and non-slip inserts for heavy items like pots. “The highly functional system was created to put the fun back into organization,” SieMatic says.


9. MemoryBanc

MemoryBanc, a system that comes in written or electronic formats, lets someone collect and manage usernames; passcodes; and financial, medical, household and personal documents.

“Adults are creating written roadmaps to their documents, accounts and assets. Many are concerned about sharing key personal information in the cloud or a cloud-based solution and are using traditional pen and paper instead,” said Kay Bransford, president and chief curator of MemoryBanc.


10. Collette Tufted Storage Ottoman

collette ottoman

This ottoman from Frontage is fancy and functional. It adds a touch of elegance to your living room while providing space to stash items like books and magazines.

“Newer, nicer, more attractive furniture with storage capacity is getting easier to find,” professional organizer Seana Turner said.


11. Fujitsu Scansnap

Fujitsu Scansnap scanners reduce paper clutter by allowing you to scan and store an array of documents. Turner said such scanners are becoming more affordable.

“I’m not sure I would say that 2015 will be a breakthrough year, but I definitely see desktop scanners being fairly typical by 2020,” she said.