The new year is here, and it’s a good time to get organized. This is the time to tackle unkempt closets and bathroom storage, and get the junk out of the junk drawer. There are so many stylish solutions available to get your home organized and looking good quickly, simply and inexpensively.

We’ve got six tips to get rid of the clutter and get your bathrooms, closets and kitchens looking fabulous in no time.



1. Let’s face it: Cabinet space in the bathroom is always at a premium. One solution we love gets the linens out of the cabinets and adds a touch of spa style to your towel organization. A wall-mounted towel rack stores linens and keeps them fresh and free of mildew. Bonus: Clean, fluffy towels add texture to the space and bring that luxury-for-less appeal.

2. Now, take that extra cabinet space and add a pull-out cabinet organizer with a few cubbies that let you keep the counters clear while keeping toiletries and bath accessories conveniently at hand. Best of all, no more squatting on the floor to dig through those cabinets for the things you need every day.

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organized shoes in closet

3. Closet organizers and organization systems have come a long way, so you can turn even a standard reach-in closet into a luxurious, functional, user-friendly space. Choose wire or wood, depending on your budget, and add drawers, shelves and racks in configurations that make your morning routine a much more pleasant affair. What’s great is that you really can get it done yourself in a weekend.

4. As the finishing touch for your new closet, get those shoes off the floor. The space you save with a closet organization system will leave plenty of room for an angled shoe shelf that not only shows off your shoes, but keeps them visible while you’re putting wardrobe pieces together, and keeps them in much better shape than tossing them on the closet floor every night.

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5. In one more weekend, you can dramatically change the functionality of your kitchen by taking the pull-out cabinet organizer to the next level. Adding pull-out shelves to all your kitchen cabinets lets you get so much more use out of that space, keeping your cabinets more organized and free of clutter.


Our tendency is not to use the back half of our lower cabinets because it’s just too much trouble to grab to what we need. Install a simple slide mount, and all your pots and pans are available at your fingertips. While you’re at it, install a pull-out trash can kit under the sink and bring your waste removal into the 21st century.

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6. Lids for pots and pans; cutting boards; baking pans; and racks drive all of us crazy. Here’s an easy fix that will do make cooking more pleasant than almost any other change you can carry out: Installing lid racks on the inside of kitchen cabinets is so simple that there’s no excuse not to do it. Then, by borrowing as little as 6 to 8 inches from a kitchen cabinet or two, you can keep your cookie sheets, baking racks and pans organized and accessible with a cutting-board storage rack.

Writing for The Home Depot, interior designer Kerrie Kelly offers tips on getting your bathroom and kitchen—and other parts of your home—organized. You can find more bath accessories and organization solutions at The Home Depot website.