AUSTIN, TX—SpareFoot, the nation’s largest marketplace for finding and booking self-storage, announced today that Icelandic strongman Hafþór “Thor” Björnsson has joined the company as senior vice president of Icelandic business.

Björnsson, who’s known for his role as Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane on the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones,” brings a wealth of knowledge about Iceland and‚ on an unrelated note, bar-game skills.

Björnsson’s hiring comes at an incidentally fortuitous time for SpareFoot, as the company is set to compete Jan. 24 in the 2015 Austin Startup Games. The Games challenge 15 Austin startups to compete for a charity of their choice in events such as foosball, shuffleboard and ping-pong, and a mystery event involving feats of strength.

“Hafþór is the second-strongest human on this planet — what are the odds anyone will be stronger than him? I’ll tell you: one in 7 billion, which my analytics team tells me is the number of people in the world,” SpareFoot CEO Chuck Gordon said.

“Oh, and he has years of experience in consumer marketplace platforms,” Gordon said.

SpareFoot co-founder Mario Feghali was enthusiastic about Bjornsson’s expected impact: “Hafþór’s hands-on experience will enable us to crush our revenue goals this year as he focuses on, um, Iceland. Hold on, you gotta see him play [arcade basketball game] Pop-a-Shot. It’s ridiculous!”

“Never seen him lose … a strategic revenue objective, I mean,” Gordon added.

Björnsson was enthusiastic about his new career direction.

“When I won the 2014 Strongest Man in Iceland competition, I knew it was my destiny to help SpareFoot win GOLD in the 2015 Austin Startup Games. But also to help bring SpareFoot to Iceland, where our people are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to compare prices at both of our self-storage facilities,” Björnsson said.

This morning, Hafþór was meeting with—and bench-pressing—SpareFoot’s board of directors.