Let’s be honest: Decluttering your home is almost on par with getting a tooth pulled. Both are a real pain.

But you can ease the pain of decluttering your home by taking a room-by-room approach, rather than tackling the task all at once. (Sorry, we can’t help you with that dental work.)

“After you’ve completed one room, move on to the next. If you’re struggling with an item, put it down and move on. Chances are you have a lot of other clutter to deal with,” professional organizer Mridu Parikh said.

“The key is to not overthink. Just do,” she added. “If you follow this simple rule, you’ll be amazed with how much clutter you can eliminate in just half an hour.”

Let this infographic be your guide to eliminating clutter in your home—one room at a time.

To find a professional organizer in your area, visit http://bit.ly/napo-organizers.

room-by-room decluttering infographic