The production company behind the reality TV show “Hoarders” wants to shed light on a condition that’s the polar opposite of hoarding.

Screaming Flea Productions says it’s seeking stories about people with a condition known in some circles as extreme Spartanism. Others might refer to it as excessive decluttering. Whatever the name, it’s not an officially recognized medical condition or psychiatric disorder.

“This condition can be described as an excessive desire to have very few personal belongings,” Screaming Flea says on its Facebook page. “Some people describe this condition as an inability to bring items into their home while others report having a compulsive desire to throw away things they already own.”

Screaming Flea maintains that just as hoarding once was unrecognized and undiagnosed, “obsessive purging is not receiving the critical attention it deserves.”

The production company is inviting extreme declutterers or people who know an extreme declutterer to send an email to It’s unclear from Screaming Flea’s Facebook posting whether a “Hoarders”-style show focusing on extreme Spartanism is in the works.

Professional organizer Nettie Owens said extreme declutterers typically don’t enlist help from professional organizers.

“My experience is that these individuals will let go of everything out of a fear that they would become a hoarder,” Owens said. “In addition, they let go because they do not have a sense of what is normal to hold on to.”