If you’re looking for areas where the U.S. population is rising the most, just look in the South or West. Communities in those two regions dominate recent population growth trends, with a few exceptions.

“Over the next 15 years, America is in for tremendous demographic change,” Emily Badger of the Washington Post recently wrote.

Parts of the country, particularly the Rust Belt and the Great Plains, will lose population during that period, wrote Badger, citing data from the Urban Institute. Meanwhile, she reported, the size of many cities in the South and West—like Charlotte, NC, and Las Vegas, NV—will swell.

The infographic below paints a statistical picture of where the U.S. population is swelling the most.


  • Dennis Blackmore

    I was hoping they are moving to Virginia Beach so I can sell more homes…http://www.dennisblackmore.com but good article and may use the infographic Thanks

  • http://www.lakenormanmike.com Mike Toste

    Interesting I would have thought Charlotte would have made this list, I’ve seen that it’s been growing a ton lately, I think perhaps one thing is that this data is based on 2010-2013. But still, good infographic. I plan to add market data for the Lake Norman NC (just north of Charlotte) in infographic format onto my blog/website: http://www.lakenormanmike.com

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