After you start working within the self-storage industry, a very strange phenomenon takes hold. Before you know it, one develops the ability to spot a collection of storage units on either side of the interstate wherever you go. Everywhere you look, there they are.

That’s truer now than it’s ever been. Over the last five years or so, self-storage development has ballooned and publicly traded storage companies have thrived. Occupancy levels and rental rates are at record levels, in spite of (or perhaps thanks in part to) a major pandemic.

The business of self-storage is often overlooked, but when one looks deeper they discover that it is truly fascinating. The industry is largely dependent on the ebb and flow of people, as they move about trying to deal with the ups and downs of life. The work from home orders the nation saw during the pandemic turned out to be a boom for storage operators as people sought to make more space in their homes. As home prices soar, many Americans are having to live in smaller residences, leaving them strapped for space and creating strong demand for the storage industry.

But nothing stays the same forever. Eventually, the headwinds will change as they always do. And while the Storage Beat is leaving SpareFoot, you can count on us to continue to cover the everchanging self-storage industry on

Introducing the Storage Beat by Storable

SpareFoot launched the Storage Beat publication in 2014 to serve as a business journal for the self-storage industry. Storable launched in June 2019, following the merger of SpareFoot and SiteLink—the self-storage industry’s largest online marketplace and management software provider. Since then, Storable has acquired several more companies in its mission to be the leading tech provider in the storage industry and now offers products such as websites, payment processing, insurance and access control.

So, why move the Storage Beat now? SpareFoot is now one segment of a larger business. Moving the Storage Beat to gives us a bigger audience and more resources to bring you the latest news stories, interviews and analysis that helps you be a more savvy storage businessperson.

What’s next

The Storage Beat will start publishing on the domain in October. This site will remain up for the time being as an archive of past posts, but it will no longer be updated.

If you are already subscribed to the Storage Beat newsletter, you will automatically start receiving the new version of the newsletter from Storable next week.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, that must mean you are one of our most loyal readers. We thank you for your continued readership and support. Hope to see you on!


Alexander Harris