A new site has gone online for brokers to list self-storage properties and for buyers to find them.

ListSelfStorage.com launched earlier this month with more than 100 listings. The site is operated by the Storage Business Owners Alliance, an industry-owned organization offering various services to the self-storage industry.

Theresa Gallas, vice president of sales and marketing at the alliance and president of ListSelfStorage.com, said the site was created because of the amount of traffic the alliance’s website was receiving on its property listings page.

“With the numbers we got, we found that there was a true need for it,” Gallas said.

Lots of shoppers

Gallas said the alliance set up the initial property listings page in 2012 after members contacted her for help with marketing their facilities for sale.

“The results became staggering, with hundreds of people viewing the listings, and sometimes more than 2,500 unique viewers requested additional information on listings,” Gallas said.

So Gallas and her team redesigned the listing service and rolled it out as a stand-alone site, ListSelfStorage.com. The old listings page now redirects to the new site.

Ben Vestal, president of the Argus Self Storage Sales Network, said he welcomes another outlet for his brokers to list properties. Argus is a national network of self-storage brokers.

“The SBOA simply lists our sites and provides additional leads for our brokers that they may not have been otherwise exposed to,” Vestal said.

Services and fees

On the new site, a broker or seller gets the first listing free of charge; additional listings are $49 each. Monthly subscriptions that allow several property listings and other features start at $112.

ListSelfStorage.com also will post a directory of vendors, Gallas said. Standard vendor listings are free of charge; premium options are available.

Alexander Harris